Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why so tired?

I didn't forget. :) We've just been going non-stop since Friday. I was actually talking to my mom about it, and I joked that apparently our family motto is "All play and no work." Our house is looking WAY crazy, but BOY have we been having fun! And all of this fun has been EXHAUSTING!

On Friday morning, Henry had his last swim practice for the summer season. We followed that up with a hair appointment to put feathers (!) in Caroline's hair, Nature Camp for Caroline, and shopping with the boys. We headed over to a good friend's house for some water fun in their backyard. Then it was on to...
a Kane County Cougars game with my husband's work!
Lucky Dave gets to work with some of his cousins, so the kids got to see some of their second-cousins at the game, much to their delight! They also got to hang out with their Great Grandma, and a great aunt and uncle!

We sugared the kids up with cotton candy and ice cream...

and then got them some fun souveniers (three monkeys and a cap).

Henry and Seth got creative in the way they wore their monkeys.

We kept the kids out pretty late. Right after the game there was a fireworks display...

...and they were delighted!

Then it was time to head back to the car. I had to snap this picture of Dave and the kids because it just makes me happy! (If you were wondering why Caroline was wearing a cape, it was because it was superhero night at the park.)

Within a few minutes of being in the car, all four of the kiddos fell asleep!
Whew...big day!

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