Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Smoky Mountains Reunion, Part 7: Peppers and a Pinata!

Every night we were on our vacation, a different cousin couple took a turn planning dinner and the festivities. One of the first nights, my cousin Tom and his wife Dianna planned around a Mexican theme.

Seriously? The food was AMAZING! Tom spent all afternoon making stuffed chile relleno peppers, and OH MY WORD, you'd better believe I took a respite from my eat-clean diet for a sample of that! YUM YUM YUM! We also had yummy tacos and deliscious taco salad made by Dianna. So so so good!

Then we all headed over to the pavillion for some pinata fun.

Here's the group of kids pre-pinata...

Megan took the first swing at it.

Then it was Evan's turn.

He showed off his swing he learned in baseball this year. ;)

The kids kept the spectators well-entertained!
Next up was our cousin Caroline Reese.

I could

eat this little girl up

with a spoon! She was having such a good time!

Then my own sweet Caroline took a turn.

She has a pretty good swing herself!

Then, my niece Evie. This girl almost took that pinata apart!

Mr. Seth!

Look at him go!

Here are the cousins looking on!

Then Callie...


and Annie finished it off!

Tom spread out the candy, and it was a free for all!

Oh, Tom, didn't you know? You can pick your pinatas, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your pinata's nose.

Love this picture of my cousins John and Megan.

What a fun night! Thanks, Tom and Diana!

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