Thursday, July 21, 2011

Smoky Mountains Reunion, Part 8: Creativity and Magic!

My cousin, Jim, and his wife, Marci, are one creative couple!One morning when we were in Tennessee, they invited us over to their lodge for some artistic fun. They had visors for each of us to decorate with paints, stickers, jewels, etc.
Sue and I helped our little ones.

Evan was very proud of his finished product!
Evan was very excited to show his visor to Callie. Jim kept the creative juices flowing by serenading us with his beautiful music.
My mom and two of her beautiful granddaughters, Annie and Callie.
My mom painted a visor too,
and so did her sweet sister!
The finished products were pretty cool.
My mom and aunt are so artistic!
That afternoon, my cousin Jim prepared a magic show for us. After a delicious meal of stuffed shells that he and Marci prepared, Jim "wowed" us with his tricks.
Jim is such an entertainer! He kept us amazed and laughing. :)
He even got the kids involved in some of his tricks. Here's Caroline assisting...

Callie had a turn too.
Even Evan ;) had a chance to take part in the magic!
Here's Will giving him a high five at the end of the show. Thank you, Jim and Marci, for such a fun day!

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