Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Boy Scout Camp, Cantigny and First Football Practice!

Bright and early on Sunday morning, Henry left for Boy Scout Camp with one of his best friends, Alex. He gets to spend a week at camp with his friends. They'll be working on merit badges amongst other camp fun. The ones Henry is working on is swimming (surprise, surprise!), waterskiing, wood carving and leatherwork. This is Henry's first time to be at a camp without Dave or me, and although I was anxious about it, he was not. I don't think he'll be homesick at all! :)

Yesterday my friend Kathy and I took our kids to Cantigny, which is a public park full of beautiful gardens, tanks for the kids to climb on, and a water fountain play area. (My parents would take my siblings and me to this same park when we were kids.) Our monkies thoroughly enjoyed climbing on the tanks!

Then we went to the water fountain play area, which was so fun and helped to cool the kids down a little.

Unfortunately, at the end of our outing, my friend's two year old slipped and hit his head on the concrete. (He's the one trying to catch up to the kids' train in the above picture.) When he started showing symptoms of a concussion (vomiting and falling asleep), they went straight from the park to the hospital. He was diagnosed with a severe concussion, and did not regain consciousness until 7:00 PM! We are so thankful that, aside from a headache and tiredness from not sleeping well last night, he is going to be OK.

Seth went to football practice for the first time last night! He's second from the right in this picture. I think that I am going to dress him in bright orange tonight so I can tell which one he is!

Seth loved it, and he can't wait for practice tonight! They practice for two hours three times a week, so he will be one tired boy, I think!

My sister, Lisa, and her kids are in town for a couple of days. I can't wait to hang out with them more tonight!!

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