Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Fab Five

Tonight I just wanted to share some random pictures from the past few days...

We picked up Seth's football equipment tonight. I can't tell you how much I love a man in uniform! Is it just me, or is this kid a handsome fellow?! (I can just hear him saying, "Awwww, MOM!" with disgust if he reads this post. HA!)

When Evan saw Seth's uniform, he was all inspired to don his football helmet too so that he could play... BASEBALL! Yes, we need to work on remedying his sports confusion. ;)
Seth was so excited to practice with his dad!
And when I told him that his cousin Will sleeps with his football, he decided to do the same!
Henry had a swim meet on Tuesday night, and did great! He definitely is progressing, and I am so proud of him! The 6:30 AM practices have been tough to get used to, but he always comes home enthused. Today he was thrilled because he had learned how to do a flip-turn in the pool. That will come in handy because he has his big conference meet on Saturday. Good luck, Henry!
Evan is very impressed with his big brothers!
Yesterday, I found three owls in my car!
They tricked me! There actually were three cute little girls in my car who were pretending to be owls! Caroline and her best friends went to a nature camp this week where they learned all about many animals and insects. Tonight they went to an evening session of the camp from 6-9 PM so that they could go on a night hike, catch fireflies and toads, and have s'mores. Such a fun time!
Last, but not least, Miss Moxie...I took this picture on the way home from the lake on Sunday. She cracks me up because she always positions herself right here, between Dave and me so that she can supervise what's going on and take in the thrills of the road. Sweet Moxie! (By the way, her skin is much better now! YAY!)
Love these kiddos of ours!

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