Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our River Rat

Henry has been taking swimming lessons for a few years now. Last winter he asked if he could join a swim team, so I started researching. I found a swim team that runs clinics during the winter and spring, and then races during the summer. I thought it would be a perfect fit because Henry would be able to work on his strokes during the clinics, and then get his "feet wet" in a short summer swim season to see if he liked it.

Well, he did. I am so excited that he has found a sport that he likes, and that the team that he joined (the River Rats) has created such a positive experience for him that he wants to swim again next year. He loves to be a part of a team! (Actually, Seth, Caroline and Evan want to joing next year too! We'll see.)

Next year Henry is going to take part in both the winter and spring clinics. It will be fun to see the growth in his skills and his speed. He has decided to joing the cross-country team in the fall, and hopefully that will help build his endurance. It will be interesting to see what he thinks of that.

On Saturday, Henry and I went to his conference meet. There were eight (!) teams swimming in it. Henry and I were amazed at the sea of tents set up there filled with families and their swimmers waiting for their races. We got there at around 7 AM and didn't get home until 4:30 PM!

Here's Henry sitting in the bull pen for his first race.
And there's my boy, with the River Rat swim cap on, on the starting blocks.
Look at the size of this meet!
Here's Henry's name up on the board, showing that he got third in his heat in the 50 Backstroke. He also got a 2nd and a 5th in his 50 and 100 Freestyle heats, respectively.
Last night we went to an end of season swim team picnic. Henry and his team mates were honored for all of their hard work in practices (6:30-8:30 AM on weekdays!), success in their meets, and a second place finish in the Conference meet!
I am thankful to Henry's coaches that they encouraged him like they did, helped him improve his times, and even taught him how to do a flip-turn! Henry loved them! I am proud of my son! Well done, Henry!

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