Monday, July 4, 2011

It was the BEST Fourth of July EVER!

And even though our kids say that about every 4th of July, I am very willing to admit that this one ranked way up there on our list!

On Saturday, we went to the lake. The kids spent nearly all day in the water,

and then that evening we went to see the Aquanuts, a water skiing team that performed at a nearby lake.

They were impressive!

When we came back to the lakehouse, my husband and his brother put on a fireworks show for the kids, and we topped it off by letting the kids do sparklers.

We stayed the night, where the kids all got to sleep in the same room together. After church, it was time for more water fun.

Moxie had a great time too!

I love the red geraniums that Aunt Debby plants every year, and the cute decorations she puts out.

Great Grandma always makes displays on the refrigerator with pictures and words cut out of magazines, as well as pictures of family from previous 4ths.

This year, we bought a new grill, and Great Grandma kept my husband's brother, Mark, company while he put it together.

This family plays together and works together. Apparently something in the crawlspace under the kitchen needed to be fixed, so Grandpa and Seth got busy.

Afterwards (and I'm not sure why), the kids decided to sink the canoe. They all worked together at it until...


It's funny the things they get excited about, and will probably remember for a long time! :) Here they are standing in the water-filled sunken canoe.

And here they are standing under it!

The kids are always famished after a full morning's play in the water. Here they are enjoying a snack lakeside.

Here are the adults enjoying theirs (and posing for a picture)!

Then it was back in the water for some tubing. The bouncing, sprays of water and twists and turns of the boat never fails to thrill our tubers!

Apparently it was not as exciting for those inside the boat. Or maybe just not for young Evan, who was completely worn out from all of the festivities. ;)

The water trampoline is always a big hit too!

Then it was time to try out the new grill. We had such a yummy summer meal of hamburgers, hotdogs, brats, homemade potato salad, a tossed salad, and sweet corn. Dave topped it all off with a peach cobbler he made in his dutch oven in the firepit. YUM!!

Afterwards, the kids were a little tired. Seth decided to play his DSI for a while. I'm not sure it this position was undertaken so that he wouldn't get his bed wet with his bathing suit?! It makes me laugh regardless!

Caroline and Nadia must have been inspired by the yummy food we ate for dinner. They made up their own recipe..."muck soup". Hmmm...I'll pass...I'm a little full. :)

Sunsets at the lake can be so spectacular!

When we headed home, the kids all fell asleep within a few minutes. The next day they were all up and at 'em early for a parade.

The parade we go to is a good one...there's not too many politicians, a few firetrucks, a band, a few interesting floats and shows, and lots o' candy!

When we got home, Caroline wanted me to curl her hair for our big night out, dinner and fireworks!

They posed with a cow at the restaurant...

as well as a HUGE ice cream cone.

We then headed over to one of our favorite parks, which the kids call "rocket park".

See why? ;)

Then it was off to the fireworks!

We spread out the blankets, set up the chairs, and enjoyed an amazing display all set to music.

The weather was perfect, and the company was too!

Evan was amazed!

Daddy and daughter!

Dave shared her with me sometimes. ;)


Happy Fourth of July!

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