Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tubing, Flips, Fights, Fishing, Skiing, Swimming

That was Sunday...it was full of summer lake fun! I do believe the kids were wet for almost the whole day. :)

Look at these happy faces!

(Know what a "thumbs up" means when you go skiing or tubing? It means "Go faster!" Apparently Evan has "the need for speed"!)
I think they were having a good time!

Then Charlie taught Henry how to do a flip into the water...

Dave played a few rounds of "King of the Trampoline" with the kids.
Then the kids did a little fishing...
and swimming with their cousins/friends.

The adults supervised from the shore. :)
Then Henry decided that he wanted to practice waterskiing. He is going to try to get a waterskiing merit badge when he goes to Boy Scout camp. So Dave got in the water with him to help get him started.
He got up on the skis right away, and wound up skiing half way around the lake!!! When we saw him ski past us, there was a lot of cheering!
When they got back, they jumped right in the water for more swimming.
What a day!
So proud of my skier! :)))

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