Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Soccer Stars

Evan and Caroline both had soccer games today. Here's Evan (to the left of the boy in the blue jacket) starting the game.
Caroline was so proud of him as she watched from the sidelines. He stayed right by the ball!
Evan and his team mates trying to block the ball
Sooooo thirsty from his big game!
A team meeting with his assistant coach. (Dave is the head coach, but he is camping with Henry and his Boy Scout troop this weekend.
The handshakes with the other team at the end of the game
Here's Caroline at the start of her game today.
I'm so proud of her as her soccer skills have really improved this year. (She's to the right of the girl in red.)
Look at my young athlete in action! She's just to the left of the referee.
She played goalie today too and didn't let ball get past her.
The score wound up being 0-0!
The handshakes at the end of Caroline's game

Good job, Caroline and Evan!

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