Friday, April 1, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

Yesterday we went to the zoo with my dear friend, April, and her two boys. I've known April FOREVER (since middle school), and it's been so much fun to share motherhood with her!

Here the kids are at the beginning of our zoo day. I thought it was so sweet that Henry and Caroline grabbed Evan's hands to walk with him. If Evan would have had a third hand, Seth would have been right there with them too. :)

My pack of wolves!
I don't know why, but these shots from behind of the kids at the zoo always tickle me!
Seeing the world from a giraffe's point of view
And seeing an actual giraffe. With his head so low, it looks like the giraffe was trying to see things from the kids' point of view! :)
A trip to the zoo would not be complete in my kids' book without visiting the bat house. This time they were lucky enough to see a bat up close and personal. They even got to see the trainer feed him!
Caroline riding a wolf!
Caroline and Evan peeking at the penguins
Look at what they found! A real, live alligator!
A fun silhouette of the kids
Caroline captaining a trip down the Amazon!
Henry and Luke were thrilled to find a Black Widow Spider!
This "pond" is only filled with water during the summer months, thank God!
Last, but not least, we went into the petting zoo. Unfortunately, it was feeding time, so the kids didn't get to do too much petting. Evan and his buddy, Drew, tried, but that last goat was all about eating too.
It was a full day, and the first time in YEARS that we covered the whole zoo. Amazing! The two youngest fell asleep within minutes of getting in the car!


5boys4kathy said...

Looks like a fun day! We never do the whole zoo, I'm impressed. We are always moving too slow with the strollers and all the other junk I bring with, lol. Alex is beyond excited about today!

Monkee said...

I love the zoo :) Little Man has been asking when can I take him to the Detroit Zoo (He's been to Cleveland's 100 times...but he wants to see the polar bear exhibt in Detroit)