Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Dewey Dash

I ran in our local library's 5K race today! My family came out to cheer for me. It was so nice to have their support and encouragement. :)
Caroline even dressed in her cheerleader shirt and brought a pom-pom. I'll betcha I was the only runner out there with their own official cheerleader!
The kids sat on a tank (!) nearby to watch the race.
Here I am approaching the finish line...I ran the whole way with a time of 29:11, and got third in my age group! Yay! I am proud of myself! :)
I feel strong!


The Talking Frog said...

SARAH....I am so , so incredibly proud of you and inspired. I am tearing up over my REAL steel cut oats right now (seriously!) and just want you to know you are amazing !!!! Lisa

Mary Ellen said...

Hi Sarah,

It is a good thing, I wasn't there to witness The Dewey Dash! You know how I cry at things like this! People would have been distracted by the flood of tears pouring forth from your dear old mom. In this case, it wold have been tears of joy and pride in you for a job well done!

Monkee said...

I am sooo proud of you mama! Way to go!

Sarah said...

Thanks so much, Mom, Lisa and Joy! You all are always so encouraging! :D