Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Field Trip to the Fire Station

Today was the day Evan and I have been anticipating for a long time. We got to go on a field trip with his preschool to the fire station!

The kids were so good! They were so interested in what they were being taught about fire safety.

Evan and his friends were able to sit in and learn about an ambulance.
Evan and his field trip buddy, Dylan.
The kids also got to go in a fire truck!
After that, the kids were able to tour the firemen's living quarters. They saw were the firemen eat, sleep and relax!
Then they were able to see...
a real fireman putting on his gear!
The kids were so impressed! And Evan now knows what he wants to be for Halloween!
This activity was so good because it taught the kids not to be afraid of uniformed fireman. That is so important for them because if they were ever in an actual fire, they hopefully won't hide from the firemen out of fear. They'll know that a fireman is just a man under that scary mask, and that firemen can help bring them to safety. I loved that the kids were able to go up and touch the gear, and that many kids gave the fireman a high five! :)
Here I am with my two field trip buddies...
...who insisted on walking backwards for a lot of the walk back to their preschool!
And finally, here's Evan with his fellow firefighters!

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