Friday, April 1, 2011

Ha, ha, Mother Nature.

If this is your idea of a good April Fool's joke, it's so not funny. A spring snow? Nuh-uh. We are soooo done with that stuff.
In other news, Henry and his friend, Grant are rapidly clearing me out of any and all duct tape that I have in the house. They are a duct tape wallet factory.
We are giving one of the wallets (filled with a gift card and some cash) to their friend, Alex, for his birthday party tonight.
Hope he likes it!


The Talking Frog said...

oh my goodness! Hate to tell you, it will be 92 here tomorrow!

Seriously , you are such a good duct tape wallet maker!!!

Sarah said...

Oh, mannnnn! No more weather reports from you until we in the north are firmly in real spring and summer weather. ;)

And thank you (about my talents in wallet-making). I had a good teacher! Honestly, we're all addicted to making them, lol!

5boys4kathy said...

He loved the wallet! Thanks! That is so cool. You guys will have to teach that to Matthew....that is SO something he would love to do! Thanks for everything!

5boys4kathy said...

btw, I think it's really insensitive for people to be talking about their 90 degree weather to people who are suffering the 30's ;o)

Monkee said...

How cool!!!

I need to learn how to make those and show my kids! Give them something to do to cure the "I'm Bored"s :)