Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Moxie!

We can't believe our baby puppy is already one! She's the best dog in the world (and also affectionately titled the Worst Dog Ever), and we are so fortunate to have her in our family!!
The kids each bought a toy from the store to give her.
She loved her gifts.
Yes, she is spoiled. Rotten.
Caroline thought that Moxie should wear bows in her hair on her birthday. Moxie thought otherwise, as these lasted about 3 seconds flat.
We made cupcakes that both Moxie and the kids could eat. The candle that you see in her cupcake there was a Puperoni. ;) Thumbs up on the cupcakes!
After we sang happy birthday to Moxie, Henry tried to take a picture of Moxie before she ate her cupcake. That was no easy task, as she wanted no part in posing and was only interested in eating. I love this outtakes of our final picture...great expressions!
Although the picture is blurry, it's the best one of the bunch!

Happy birthday, sweet puppy!

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