Monday, May 2, 2011

Picture Catch-Up

I'm a little tired tonight. Maybe that's because it is 11:00 PM, and I should be going to bed. Or maybe it's because I have been going non-stop for days now. We've done homework, projects, field trips, a Daisy Scout meeting, Bunco, Dave was gone for the weekend camping with Henry and the Boy Scouts, dishwasher shopping, Uncle Gary painting the playroom, stairwell, and hallway, getting the house back together after that, church, swim team for Henry, allergy shots, soccer games, as well as piano lessons and practice. I'm tired, and I want to take tomorrow off ;) , but unfortunately the show must go on with various sports practices and a middle school meeting for Henry.

OK, enough whining. Go to bed, Sarah. You'll feel better in the morning.

But before I sign off for the night, here's a few pictures...

Caroline and her soon-to-be Brownie troop! Their bridge ceremony is coming up!
Henry at the capitol building in Springfield, Illinois. Henry and one of his best friends, Alex, had a great time touring and camping with their dads.

While the older boys were off touring Springfield, my friend, Kathy and I took Henry and Alex's younger siblings on a tour of the new McDonalds by us. OK, it's not quite Springfield, but the kiddos loved it!

Good night all!

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