Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So proud of you, Dad...

that I'm popping my buttons! Check out this article, published in the Chicago Tribune today, on my Dad and his book Coincide. It's all about how, "Longtime College of DuPage horticulture instructor Donald Orton has made the study of the life cycles of plants and pests -- and their relationships to each other -- his life's work."
Click on this link...Spraying by the season


Mary Ellen said...

Thanks Sarah for posting the link to the article! You would not believe the calls and attention, your dad has received because of the article! The reporter is coming back to see our backyard garden in a few weeks! All the recognition is well deserved!


Sarah said...

I believe it! It is so well-deserved! Jean emailed me to say congratulations to Dad too. The article was so well-written...Cool that the reporter is coming back to see the garden!
Love you,