Saturday, April 9, 2011

Caroline's Journal

Every quarter, Caroline's teacher sends home their morning journal for us to keep. I always look forward to reading it, because of entries like these...

On January 19th, she wrote, "I can't think of what I could write. So I'll just write that Mrs. Zurko (her teacher) is pretty." How sweet is that? She's going for brownie points, huh?
And then this one is for my sister, Lisa. Lisa was visiting in February when our Aunt Shirley was passing. The kids were so excited when she taught them how to make duct tape wallets. Caroline wrote, "My aunt is going to make a duck tape wallet for me. P.S. I will help to!"
This was my favorite. It's sweetness actually made me cry! The day after our Aunt Shirley passed, Caroline wrote, "Aunt Shirley died yesterday. I was almost ready to cry when she died." On the picture you can see an angel and Aunt Shirley talking to each other up in the clouds. The angel asks, "Are you new?" Aunt Shirley, with a big smile on her face, answers, "Yes!"
What a treasure this journal is! :)


The Talking Frog said...

i love this so much, especially the one about Aunt Shirley. You tell Caroline I will make her another "duck" tape wallet when I come back.


bob said...

Dear Sarah,
I'm very proud of you for running again. Keeep up the
great work

Sarah said...

I'll make sure to let her know, Lisa! She loves you so much!

And thanks so much, Uncle Bob! :)