Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Caroline and Evan's Gingerbread House

Caroline has stayed home from school for the past few days. She's been running a fever off and on, fighting all of the bugs that are in our house. She has to be fever free for 24 hours before going back. Even when she doesn't have a fever, I am reluctant to send her back to school for fear that because her immune system is weak right now, she'll pick up another bug to share with all of us. I am so hoping that by the time Christmas comes, we've gotten all of this out of our systems.

We've all been climbing the walls a little bit, having been stuck inside the house for a few days. They were tired of the few things you can do when you are sick (watch tv and movies, play video games, color). So to break things up a little last night, Caroline, Evan and I made a little gingerbread house together. They did such a good job, and were so proud of their finished result.
I let them have some of the candy as they were decorating, and I think it affected them a little bit, as evidenced in these pictures...

Just a word of warning if you are over at our house during this Christmas season...if the kids offer you a piece of their gingerbread house to nibble on, you might want to politely refuse. I think a few germs might have taken up residence there. ;)

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