Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our Christmas Eve at the Lake

So many treasured moments in one day! I love Christmas, and I LOVE my family!!!

Aunt Tanya showing Caroline and Jamie ultrasound pictures of their new cousin!
Big Denny and Little Denny
The spectators in the solarium

This is what they all were watching...the kids going down the waterslide into the snow!
The lake was such a beautiful Christmas Eve winter wonderland!
Moxie loved it! Henry had a hard time keeping up!
Look at this fun!
Caroline taking her turn!
Charlie...face first!
And, of course, my fifth child, Dave!
Caroline and Jamie!
Charlie, after a face-first slide!
Sweet Evan and a perfect snowball
Cousins having dinner together
Evan and the famous stocking
Is your chair big enough, Jake?!
Jean, Andrew and Grandma working on the family puzzles Aunt Sue made
Watching old family slides on the TV together
So many people to love!

Opening Aunt Debby's presents
Our gift to Aunt Debby (Thanks for your help, Mom! Love you!)
Aunt Tanya and Seth working on his new puzzle ball from Aunt Debby
Uncle Mike, Aunt Vika, Valentina, and my favorite Godson, Denny! Such a cute family picture!
This is the life, huh Denny? :) Mommy is feeding you, and your Grandmas are doting on you!

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