Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Nosek health update and a Christmas serenade

This poor dog.
She is still pretty sore from yesterday's surgery, but generally I think she is on the upswing. However, she has to wear this cone so that she doesn't disturb her stitches and she HATES it. That is an understatement, to say the least. Look at the way she just hangs her head when she's wearing it. That look KILLS me. :(
If we are sitting with her, and can watch her, we'll take it off just to give her a break. Her spirits lift immediately. :)

Dave was under the weather last night, but is feeling much better today. Unfortunately, I've been feeling pretty crummy today. Between being up at night with sick kids and a recovering dog, as well as not sleeping well because of this cold that I have, I was worn out. So Dave watched the kids. I took some medicine, went to bed this afternoon, and slept soundly for two and a half hours. When I woke up, I was so out of it that I thought it was morning. And the thing is, I bet you anything that I would still be able to sleep tonight.


Poor Caroline. I think that she might be coming down with the stomach flu. She asked for me to put a bucket by her bed tonight. I stayed in her room with her for a while, and she was able to fall asleep. However, I'm a little anxious about what lays in store for us tonight. :(

On a lighter note :)...Evan has a little Christmas serenade for you. He sings this song, Santa Claus is coming to town ALL THE TIME. He seems to take after his Grandpa Orton in that he loves to sing...

Untitled from Sarah Nosek on Vimeo.


Tanya N said...

You all need to get well! Hopefully this round of bugs will be all done by the time the holidays arrive. And poor's so much harder to have girl parts removed for animals than boy parts;( I'm sure she'll recover soon though.

Sarah said...

Hopefully we'll get all of this out of our systems before the holidays come. Really, it's much better timing to have all of this now, right? And it does force us to slow down a little, and that is good too. Caroline's home today, so we are going to curl up and watch movies together. :) Hope you are feeling well!

Monkee said...

aww How precious!

and I hope you all start to feel better soon!