Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Family, happiness, joy, fun, sentimental moments, laughter...Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2010 will forever be among my favorite memories. Honestly, I look at these pictures from these two days and can tangibly feel my heart swelling with love. :)

Here's our four kids waiting to come down the stairs on Christmas morning...
Caroline and Evan opening their stockings
Brothers searching under the tree
Seth opening his stocking
Henry with his stocking
Just before opening the presents!
And they're off! I love Dave's face in this picture...he was one tired Daddy!
Evan got a Buzz Lightyear backpack and sleeping bag
Henry and Seth opening some of their favorite gifts...DSi XLs!
One of Caroline's favorite gifts...a penguin pillow pet!
This is a happy boy!
More opening...
The kids each got their own I don't have to share mine! ;)
Another happy boy!
Oooooh...a Transformer!

A happy, happy girl! Caroline got Julie, a 70s American Girl doll!

Santa did not forget Moxie, even though she is sometimes on Santa's "Naughty List". :) She got two candy cane shaped bones, new dog dishes and a new toy! I think that she had a happy first Christmas!
It is good to be Moxie! Here she is being doted on by her Grandpa...
My mom, my Aunt Shirley and me...LOVE!
Uncle Bill playing Hex Bugs Combat with his nephews
Seth showing Grandpa and Aunt Shirley his new puzzleball
Yum! Christmas Dinner...chicken tetrazinni, spinach salad, and crusty bread!
Evan's dessert...think that candy cane is big enough?
My sweet Evan!
Uncle Bill heading out to play hockey in the backyard with Dave and the kids
The hockey game

I think they tired Henry out...see him lying there in the snow?!
Moxie loves playing in the snow, but there are consequences to that love. Poor puppy!
The boys enjoying hot chocolate after their hockey game...LOVE!
Dave reading Evan's pop-up book
Dave, Uncle Bill and the kids playing a marble game and Hex Bugs
Poor Evan...Christmas really wears a 4 year old out! When you are that tired, it is good to be able to cuddle with your Grandpa and your favorite Transformer on the couch.
My mom and me...LOVE!
A tired Daddy and his faithful companion
Opening one more Christmas gift...what's in the big boxes, kids?
They are soooo comfortable, although we have to return two as they sent us two different blues! We're keeping the color on the left.
This is a happy boy wrapped in a new Snuggi, new 0 degree sleeping bag for Boy Scouts, on a comfy bean bag, playing his new DSi XL! Henry's heaven!
It was a wonderful top it off, the kids slept by the Christmas tree with their favorite toys and on top of their new bean bags. Such sweet children!

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Monkee said...

Awww! Looks like a great Christmas!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!