Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Third Christmas

The kids were so excited today that their Aunt Karen, Uncle Jim and cousin Robbie made a surprise visit. We had not been able to see them at Christmas this year, so it was WONDERFUL to be with them!

I love, love, LOVE this boy!
He is so full of life and exuberance, pure joy wrapped up in the CUTEST package!
Look at how sweet he was when he opened up our gift to him!
Hee hee! Love him!
Aunt Karen and Uncle Jim gave each of the kids their own special book and keepsake ornament...
Karen chose the ornaments to remember a character trait or a special happening in the kids' year. Henry's was a screwdriver in honor of the work he did in the basement. Seth's was a robot because he's so mechanically inclined.

Caroline's was a pink princess, you know, because she likes pink, and because she IS a princess. ;) And Evan's was a frog, in honor of what a fabulous frog-catcher he was this summer. HA!
As soon as the kids got their ornaments, they hung them on the tree. Caroline hung her ornament first, followed by Evan hanging his. Don't you love his placement?
Karen and I had such a good laugh...it looks like the poor unsuspecting princess is about to be attacked by a ferocious frog.

Evan always makes me laugh...
After opening presents and a pizza lunch, the kids headed downstairs to make a little city out of all of the bean bag boxes from Christmas.
Later on in the day, our friends Abbie and Dylan came over to play. Caroline and Abbie immediately disappeared into Caroline's room to play American Girl dolls and pet store. These two are so sweet together!
Our poor dog never gets any attention. So Henry and Dylan doted on Moxie a little bit.
She loved it, and tried to show her appreciation by, in turn, doting on Dylan. ;)
Henry, Dylan, Seth, Evan and Dave also spent a long time outside playing hockey on the pond behind our house. I have a feeling that we'll be investing in pairs of skates for the kids soon!
It was another fun day...wish that Christmas break could be longer! I don't want them to go back to school next week!

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Monkee said...

Oh how fun! See, I didn't think of the frog ornament attacking the princess, I thought of it as the frog KISSING the princess so he can be a prince! :D

BTW: LOVE the new layout and title picture!

And sorry for passing on my spring fever :) I could actually SMELL it in the air today...weird. LOL