Monday, December 27, 2010

Sledding vs. Laundry...Guess who won!

On the second day after Christmas, we seriously considered being productive. (After all, at some point we'll probably run out of clothes to wear if I don't do laundry soon.) Then we thought better of it and decided to go sledding. :)

Oh, the fun that was in store for us! This sledding hill is fabulous!
Evan insisted on sledding all by himself, so Dave, being the good dad that he is, sledded down right next to him.
See how well that worked out? ;)
It was a little scary to see my daughter sled down the "mogul run", but she did great!
Seth liked the moguls too, but his favorite was the ramp. That boy caught some air!
Look at how pretty it was!
Again, so pretty! That's Dave and Evan down there. Apparently this was their private hill!
There Seth goes!
And Caroline!
And Henry down the moguls...This boy would go down "no-handed" sometimes!

And to prove that I wasn't just taking pictures, here I am tobogganing with Seth and Caroline.
It was so much fun that I asked the kids if we can go again tomorrow. ;)

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Monkee said...

Hahaha! So much fun! Last year, I went to Montreal to visit my French Friend who moved there. All she talked about was how her and the other people she met that moved from france too (There is a political thing going on in France that the young people don't like. Many have moved to Montreal to get away from it)wanted to go "Sliding" because most of them are from Southern France and they don't get much, if any, snow. I said, "Sliding? what's that?" she said "You know, when you get a board, sit on it, and slide down the snowy hill!" I said, "OH! SLEDDING!" she looked at me and said "Why would you call it that. you SLIDE down a hill." I said, "Yes, but you do it on a SLED" hahaha :) They all still call it sliding...