Sunday, February 15, 2009

Train Trip to Great Grandma's House

The kids were bouncing off the walls when we told them that we were taking the train to visit Great Grandma for her birthday! Henry was so anxious that we were going to miss the train until we were actually on the train in the seats. Of course, our seats were on the top level of the train. Where else would they choose to sit?! Evan sat in his seat for about 10 minutes. At that point, he decided that he needed to take a tour of the train, and meet his co-passengers.

We visited with Great Grandma and Aunt Debby for a while, and gave Great Grandma the cards and cookies we made for her. Aunt Debby, of course, had all sorts of games for the kids to play. :) Unfortunately, Evan was not at his most charming. I thought he might be coming down with something, and he was. We found out the next day that he has a double ear infection and double pink eye. :( Poor kid.

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