Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Are you ready for some FOOSBALL?!

The deal was, if we cleaned out the basement, we would set up the Foosball table that my parents offered us. So, Dave put it together tonight, with the help of three very excited kids. (Henry was at a friend's house.) Looking forward to many big games!

Seth is doing better, although I'm not absolutely sure that he's going to school tomorrow. We'll see. The doctor told us to watch the other kids carefully, as strep is pretty contagious. At dinner tonight Caroline said that her throat hurt. I immediately thought, "Oh oh, here we go." We're not really sure if she was really sick or trying to get out of a less than stellar dinner. Her list of maladies was a little odd, and included not only her throat, but also her shoulders, wrists and knees :). We shall see tomorrow morning.


Mary Ellen said...

Glad to see the foosball almost setup in your new and improved basement. Uncle Bill feels that he will get a lot more use out of it at your house. I guess he didn't think his parents offered him much of a challenge playing it. Now all you need is the ping pong table to complete your game room. I bet Dave wishes that you had kept all his bachelor couches for down there.

Looking forward to "Green a licious."

Sarah said...

Me too, Mom! Thanks so much for the foosball tale. I'm sure we'll get some pretty good games going at your Greenalicious party. Prepare your tastebuds for a lot of green food!