Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I know that you've been anxiously awaiting...

...our fish update. I apologize for keeping you on pins and needles. :) Here you go...

I have to admit that I have been on the border of being a little obsessed with our fish. I so wanted the kids first pet experience to be a good one, so we chose an easy pet. Fish are easy, right?

Well, it turns out that they are a little more complicated than I thought. We did have a few fish fatalities, BUT, to look on the bright side, we did manage to save one. Thank God for Speedy. He is one tough fish.

We were able to lower the nitrate and nitrite levels in the tank, changed the water, and vacuumed the gravel (!) a few times, and with our water now passing muster, we were able to add 3 new fish. They've been happy and healthy for 2 days now. WAHOO! You know, its these little victories that we have to celebrate.

Here's a picture of Spot, Seth's new fish:
He's actually sleeping in this picture. Yes, sleeping, not "resting in peace". Did you know that fish do that?! (I didn't...I've been fooled, ready to flush, a few times.) He's resting his tail on that orange plant.

And in other Fish News...Dave hung his sail fish, the one he caught in Mexico, in a place of more prominence in his office. Its hard to believe that he reeled this huge thing in!! We are slowly but surely tackling his office, but the laundry room is almost done!!! I do believe I'll have pictures to share by the weekend!
One last thing, the Valentine's picture of the kids at the beginning of the blog is actually one that I took last year. No worries...Seth still has his permanent (adult) front teeth! :)

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