Monday, February 9, 2009

Siblings and Friends

I love it when they get along like this!

Before the snow melted away, Seth and Caroline decided that they had to build a snowman. It didn't last too long in this warm weather, but it'll last forever in this picture! They were so proud, and I was so proud of their teamwork. They made it mostly on their own, with a little bit of Dad's help.
AND...Yesterday, the boys came running up to me and told me that Seth can read Magic Tree House books! They were so excited. They've worked it out so that they each have a copy of the same book, and Seth reads his aloud. If he stumbles on a word, Henry is right there to help him out. Seth LOVES this.

I complimented Seth on his excellent reading, and Henry on being such a supportive older brother, and told them that whenever they want to do this, I'll let them stay up 20 minutes past their bedtime. They thought that was a great idea. Henry and Seth both said that with all of this practice, Seth is becoming a more fluent reader. They actually used those words. ;)

This morning, Dave and I thought that we heard the boys wake up, but they didn't come out of their room. So we just assumed that they went back to sleep. No, they came out forty minutes later saying that they read 3 more chapters.

I have to say...I am eating this up!

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