Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sledding, Birds and a Light Show

Those would be the highlights of today. Somehow, despite really sloppy weather conditions, our kids and some of their friends convinced Dave to take them sledding at the local sledding hill. They came back a couple of hours later very wet, craving hot chocolate and with some excellent sledding stories to tell.We then cleaned up, got dressed in Christmas-ey outfits, and headed to a neighbor's house for a Christmas party. These neighbors own three cockatiels, and much to the kids' delight, they were able to hold these birds. There were lots of giggles, much excited chatter from Evan, and even a few pirate poses. Wish I would have brought my camera!

We topped it off with a drive over to a local nursery that does an amazing Christmas light show. They actually broadcast music on the radio that coordinates with what the lights are doing. We were all very impressed, and probably stayed there at least an hour watching it, and would have even wanted to stay longer if it weren't getting so late! Here's a short was AMAZING!!!

On the very short drive home, the three older kids all fell asleep, so tired from their busy day. Evan, although he looks relatively bright eyed in this picture, joined his siblings in their slumber moments later :)

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