Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Crazy Santa steals the show!

This little video clip was supposed to be all about Caroline explaining the Christmas present that she made for her daddy and me at her preschool. (She apparently got a little stage fright, and didn't say anything for the camera!) HOWEVER, Evan had other plans. His latest favorite game is pretending he's a bear, or in this case, a crazy Santa, and attacking/tackling his sister. So as she is sweetly showing off her project, Evan jumps from the couch, shouting, "Santa! Santa!" She was not to be deterred from showcasing her artwork, so he proceeds to take her down. Good thing his sister had a sense of humor about it. And good thing no one got hurt with that wooden dowel!


Bill Orton said...

It seems like Caroline is fairly used to being tackled: she is fairly well poised while being taken down by crazy Santa. Well done

Sarah said...

Yes, she has had a lot of practice. In fact, she is practicing right now, poor thing... :)