Friday, December 12, 2008

It is nice to be loved

Tonight I went to my friend Shannon's house for a girls' night out, and that meant that Dave was home with all four kids, responsible for getting them all to bed. Whenever I come home after being out, I usually ask right away how things went. This time, Dave answered, "Well, Caroline did well." I asked him to expand, and he told me that Evan was fussy, and asked for me for a while, but he did settle eventually.

That left our oldest sons. Wondering what they did, I asked Dave if they were naughty. He said, "Not really. They were just upset that they didn't get to say goodnight to you." I immediately started feeling guilty...I didn't say goodnight to them before I left because Evan was so on edge. I didn't want him to be upset, and thereby giving Dave a hard time. They asked when I would be home. Dave said that I would be at least a couple of hours and that they would not be able to stay up that long. They said they wanted to wait up. Thinking that they would fall asleep soon enough, Dave left the room only to hear what he thought was fighting coming from their room a few minutes later. When he went to check on them, it turns out that they had been exercising... Seth informed Dave that he had already done 100 jumping jacks, and Henry was doing push-ups in his bed! They reasoned that exercising would help them stay awake until I got home. Dave put the kibosh (?) on their late-night calisthenics, and promised them I would come in to kiss them when they were sleeping.

I love my boys (and, of course, my girl). :)

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