Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Photo Fix

As I told you yesterday, we took some family pictures at the arboretum yesterday hoping to get one to use for our Christmas card. As many of you know, it is next to IMPOSSIBLE to get a picture full of young kids where everyone is smiling, looking in the right direction, not blinking, not jabbing a sibling, not making a goofy face, not picking their nose, etc.

So yesterday, I was so happy when the stars aligned, and after we took many, MANY pictures, we wound up with three good ones. One of them was this one.
While it's not perfect, it comes close. Everyone is looking in the same direction,no one was squinting, and the fall colors look beautiful. There's only one problem...Henry was blinking. Ugh. Now, I can crop and fix pictures pretty well, but I've never tried what this picture needed: a whole head transplant. I wanted to replace Henry's head in this picture with his head from another picture. My brother-in-law knows how to do that, so I emailed him and asked for his help.

Here's his response:
I use Photoshop Elements for things like this. I used the process from this web tutorial...
I attached two different fixes. See what you think.
Here's what he came up with...
Pretty good, huh?!

Now, here's his second fix...

Wait for it...

A-ha-ha-ha-ha! Thanks for the laugh tonight, Mark! :)

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Monkee said...

WOW!!!! I need to check out that website!


Although, I like the first re-touch better ;)

(not a huge fan of Brad anyway :) Dave's Much better looking!)