Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Fest 2010

It was everything I like about fall all wrapped up in one day.

We spent Sunday with our family at a pumpkin farm and the lake, a beautiful day planned with a lot of love by our amazing Aunt Debby.We rode a hay ride to pick out our pumpkins.

And then it was time to pose with our perfect pumpkins.

The kids got to play in a corn crib...

and humored me by posing for plenty o' fall pictures. ;)

Then we went back to the lake where Aunt Debby had planned lots o' fall activities for us.

So many sweet memories from one day!!

There were fun decorations...

and yummy (as well as very scary!) fall food and drink...
"blood" punch with some "parts" ice cubes,

cheese stick "finger food",

candy corn quesadillas,

mummy hot dogs,

and spider lollipops!

Evan used some of his fall food fuel to do some raking,

and he did a great job!

Here's Caroline and Jamie enjoying the results of his hard work. :)

Then it was time for Aunt Debby's Halloween scavenger hunt. She had the kids eating out of the palms of her hands!

This great mummy was part of the hunt.
At the end of the hunt, the kids each received a bag full of Halloween goodies.
The kids love their aunt!!

Not sure what these two (Henry and Anabel) were doing, but it made me laugh!And when you can't swim with these noodles, you can still have a "noodle war"...

Untitled from Sarah Nosek on Vimeo.

Then the kids sat on the stacks of pier sections to enjoy some Halloween cupcakes!

It was a beautiful day.

Thank you to Aunt Debby for such a fun day and to Grandma for a beautiful place for our family to enjoy it!


Tanya N said...

Wow- that looks like it was an amazingly fun time! Aunt Debbie took me to that farm for some farm stand produce last time we were at the lake, and told me all about it, but it looks like she went all out with the fun food and what-not! How fun and special!

Monkee said...

Wow! I love fall outtings! And Judging by the shorts, I would assume the weather cooperated with you too!