Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Beautiful Fall Day with Family

Wow. It could NOT have been a more perfect fall day to be at the arboretum. The temperature was just right to comfortably wear a light sweater, the fall colors were BEAUTIFUL on the trees, and the company we were with we LOVE (my parents and my brother).

My brother's birthday was yesterday, so the kids made him special coloring book cards like the ones he made for their birthdays. He turned 27, and had commemorated his birthday by running 27 miles yesterday. Perhaps I'll run 40 for my birthday on Tuesday. (Or maybe not.) :)
We rode a tram around the arboretum to see all of the beautiful colors.

And then my brother found the perfect spots for us to take a family picture. Hmmm...maybe a Christmas card out of this bunch?
My mom says something like, "The photographer never gets to be in the picture." However, she says it in a much catchier way. I'm always taking pictures of Dave with the kids, so it's nice to have one of me with them too!
Brother and sister :)))
Here's Seth pondering some deep thoughts. Want to know his latest? "I don't smile too big in pictures anymore. When I do that it makes my teeth too dry." Such a Seth-ism.
The big sister helping the little brother cross the stream :)

I had to twist Caroline's arm to take the following two pictures because she was very busy playing. You probably can tell, but they are still pretty cute pictures.

Note the expression on Evan's face? He's a spider.
My beautiful mom with her grandchildren
A Nosek kid pow-wow on top of some climbing rocks.
A big jump!
King of the mountain
Big brother and little brother

Afterward, we went to the world's best hamburger place. YUMMMMM! My parents entertained the young ones while we waited for our food.
Seth is our official pickle eater. His siblings all turned their pickles that came with their meal to him, and he polished off all four.

Great day!!!

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Monkee said...

What beautiful pictures! Sounds like a fun weekend!