Monday, October 4, 2010

God bless our friend and my husband.

They saved my computer. They are two of my favorite people right now.

I got a new computer for Christmas last year. I've loved it. Around a month and a half ago, it started freezing constantly. For some reason, the thought of getting it fixed overwhelmed me, so I did nothing. Dave and I were sharing his computer again, and that's difficult because he needs his computer for his business. So I was working around his schedule to check my email, blog, and use my Google calendar. Ugh.

Our friend helped us trouble shoot what was going on with my computer, and my husband spent this evening fixing it. He did it!!! Wahooooo! Thank God we didn't have to call Geek Squad or something like that. That probably would have blown our budget. ;)

YAY! Sarah is a happy girl tonight! Thank you SO SO MUCH!

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