Thursday, October 21, 2010

80's Fashion, Dave-Style

Although he dresses himself very well now that he is 43, my husband has definitely committed some fashion faux pas in his time. His brother recently shared evidence of this with us through these pictures...

He did great when his mom dressed him (in the 70'). ;) Can you tell which one is Dave? He's the fifth from the left, or the one on the left of Ralphie (Christmas Story). (I jest.) Pretty cute, huh?
But when Dave started dressing himself, oh my. Girls must have thought, "Who is that cool dude (note the sign) with the hat? He wears it in such a jaunty way!" And wow, those shorts. I'm not even sure what to say about those.
The last three pictures came from a family vacation when he was a teenager. He's in the middle of the picture wearing blue shorts. Nice abs, huh? Good thing he had those...
Without those abs, he wouldn't have looked quite as good in his Cubs cropped t-shirt. Niiiiiccce, Dave. And then...again with the hat.
What were Dave's thoughts when his brother asked if he wanted a set of these pictures? Here's what he said:
Why would I want to pay for a bunch of photos where in almost half of them my clothing and hats seem to indict me as the unholy offspring of Richard Simmons and a truck driving teamster?
Well said, Dave. And now I'm off to hide my 80's pictures. NOBODY needs to see those. :)

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Monkee said...

Hahahahaha! Those are truly priceless. I was 9 in my 80's pictures aren't horribly bad. Ok, well, they are...but it was my mom's fault lol.

Though, bee? Bee had some stellar ones. One of which he is soo proud of. He had a sweet mullet. It was BIG time business in the front and a freaking kegger party in the back. Tweed Suit, tinted glasses, and a pink tie over a white shirt with a multi color splatter pait design. He is so proud of that shirt... :P