Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Mario, Luigi, Batarina and Spiderman, headed out to trick-or-treat this afternoon in the crisp, fall weather. They each had about 14 layers on. It was a good thing that I bought those costumes a little on the big side. :) The excitement was tangible as they went out to trick-or-treat with friends and fill their buckets.

After they trick-or-treated for a while, we came back for dinner that my fabulous husband cooked for us (while passing out our candy and watching the football game). We lit our beautiful pumpkins, and then Mario and Luigi went out to trick-or-treat with some more friends. The younger two stayed home with me to pass out candy.
Every time the doorbell would ring, they would run as fast as they could to the door. They love to see all the costumes, and they love to pass out the candy. And it was ever so much warmer inside the house. That was such a good thing. :)
They were so proud of their pumpkins!
Here they are all lit up...oooh...scary....

Who are these two masked men?
Evan and his good buddy, Ryan, of course! As soon as Ryan saw that Evan was Spiderman, he had to go find his Spiderman mask. They were so excited that they had the same costume! I think I know what these two will be playing next week!

And here's Caroline with her good buddy, Ryan! Think these two look happy?!
And here's Henry and Seth with their good buddies, Alex and Matthew. How fun to have both sets of brothers being Mario and Luigi! (Those were quite the popular costumes this year. I had to go to 4 stores to find them. The boys were so excited that I found them!)

Awww...Matthew and Seth, Mario Brothers!

And here's the older version, Henry and Alex!
Hope you all had a happy Halloween!

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Monkee said...

Awww! How nice! Happy Halloween! And who knew Mario would be so in fashion again? :)