Monday, July 16, 2012

The Timber-Lee Finale

On Saturday morning, I left the house at 6:30 AM to pick Caroline up from Camp Timber-Lee.  Dave stayed home with the boys and Moxie so that they could get some extra sleep for our busy weekend.  At about 8:45, I pulled into the camp parking lot and made my way to the outdoor chapel.  I quickly found Caroline amongst all the campers gathered there.  Even though she had only been away from us for three days, I definitely missed her.  Is it crazy that when we gave each other a big hug I had tears in my eyes? ;) I then found my seat because the campers then began singing their favorite songs from the week, one of which was the one I captured in this clip...

After the kids sang their songs with such beautiful enthusiasm, the camp director gave us a synopsis of what the kids did and talked about during their stay at Timber-Lee.  I am my mother's daughter.  We tend to cry sometimes.  I cried this time because I could tell it had been such a good experience for Caroline.

Then Caroline was able to give me a tour of her favorite places at camp.  One was the nature center, where they had all kinds of animals that the kids could pet and hold.  The ferret and rabbit stole Caroline's heart.  She was making a big push to get one of her own!
She got to hold painted turtles...
and pet a huge tortoise!
Next we went to the climbing wall.  Caroline thought that she was only going to be able to show the wall to me, but was thrilled when they told her that she could show me how she climbs it!  My daughter has no fear, and she's strong too!
Watch my girl climb in the following clip!

On our way back home, our group stopped off at a pizza buffet restaurant.  It was a great place to fill their bellies and share their favorite stories from camp.  Caroline and her group of friends, their older sisters and their friends, and all of the parents made a big group, so we wound up in the party room.  That was a good thing, because when the girls decided to sing the camp songs, it got a little loud.  ;)
Caroline's thoughts on her first camp experience?  She can't wait until she goes next year, and she has been wearing her camp t-shirt (the one in the above picture) every day since she left!  (Yes, I'm washing it!) I'd say she loves Timber-Lee! ;)

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