Saturday, July 21, 2012

One more room makeover!

A couple of days ago we finished organizing and cleaning Caroline's room.  The kids (and Mom!) are all very pleased with their neat rooms.  Caroline spent the rest of the afternoon playing in her room after we were done, clearly happy with its improvement.

So, here's your tour!  (They cracked me up how they had to pose for the picture.)

Caroline's closet/Barbie and American Girl doll paradise
Caroline went through her entire bookshelf by herself, and took all of the books that she would either like to hand down to Evan (lots of good Kindergarten books for our big boy) and donate to Goodwill (the ones too girly for our big boy!).  Together we dressed up Caroline's American Girl dolls and did their hair.  Julie on the left is wearing the beautiful 1st Communion dress Grandma Nosek made, and Elizabeth on the right (that Grandma Orton got for Caroline) is wearing one of my daughter's favorite party dresses.
It's good to have these pictures to remember what the kids' rooms looked like!

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