Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fantabulous Lake Pictures...

captured by my brother-in-law, Mark!

He has such a good eye for photography, always catching such fun candid shots. Then, to top it off, he always emails them to us, which makes me very happy. Thanks so much, Mark!

The cousins had a great game of raft pirates's Evan and Charlie defending their ship!
Evan caught a fish!
Caroline caught one too!
I don't know what Caroline is laughing about in this picture, but I love it!
Moxie was none too happy to see her dad drive away in the boat.  Poor puppy!
Off they go!
How many kids can we fit on one trampoline?
The spectators :)
Evan and Aunt Debby putting the flag out on the pier
Evan trying to ski for the first time!
Moxie wishing she could go over to play with her friends next door
The finest seats in (or out) of the house!
Mmmmm...summer sweet corn!
I love summer!  Wish it could last all year!!

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