Monday, July 16, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Caroline had a great time at camp, but she was happy to come home too!  The boys camped out in the living room with her to welcome her home!
Caroline loved the animals that her camp had in their nature center so much that when she got home, she wanted to see if she could catch her own rabbit for a pet.
Dave helped her set up one that had been successful for him in the past...a Rubbermaid container held up by a sand rake and baited with carrots.  Caroline could supposedly trap a rabbit by pulling on the rope that was attached to the rake.  Unfortunately, she didn't have any luck catching a new pet.  However, as she said, "Maybe it's for the best because Moxie might get jealous." ;)
Even though Dave is not a huge fan of sparklers, he did let the kids use our last pack of them as a little celebration to welcome Caroline home.
We missed you, Caroline!

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