Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Round-Up

Last Saturday night, our friends hosted a party for 150 of their closest friends :).  They are party planners and hosts EXTRAORDINAIRE.  There were games and food and laughs a-plenty.  We are all hoping that their "Round-Up" becomes an annual event.  :)

This was the "Tie a balloon around your ankle and try to pop everyone else's balloon" game.  Seth is in the orange shorts and white shirt in the background, and Evan's in the blue in front.

It came down to these two! 
Then there was the "Your partner uses a Dixie cup to fill the bottle on your forehead or chest before any of your competitors do" game.  Seth and Dave were a team.  I'm not saying anything about Dave's skills in this game, but I am saying...Seth got pretty wet.  ;)
The kids swam A LOT!  Seth and his friend Will were in the water about 95% of the time.  ;)
Henry (bottom left) and his friend did a lot of chicken fights.
Seth and Will partook in the pie (or pudding) eating contest!
Evan and Dave cheered them on.
They did pretty well...
and wound up with some nice-looking chocolate goatees.
Will's Dad sported the same look as the boys...
and gave our favorite hostess a chocolate smooch!
Henry and his friends in a rare mostly dry moment
Evan and his daddy monkeying around
Our friends have chickens (and roosters, horses, dogs, turkeys, rabbits, pigeons and ferrets) on their ranch.  Our kids think we should build a barn and do the same, HA!
Look at this happy smile.  Evan was in heaven!
Evan also caught a toad...
or two!  This boy has supreme talent in frog and toad catching!
The party was topped off with a beautiful fireworks display.  Thanks for the fun night, Karen and Tom!

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