Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thank God for rain, Moxie, and clean rooms!

We have had a pretty severe drought going on around here, and it finally broke tonight!  Huge thunderstorms rolled in, bringing much needed water to our very thirsty trees, plants and dormant, crunchy grass.  We are very thankful, so much so that we won't even complain that the t-storms rolled in right at bedtime.  It is worth mentioning because Henry invited a scared Caroline to sleep in his room tonight with him since Seth is at a sleepover.  I thought that was sweet.  Then our dog, Moxie, comforted Caroline by laying right beside her! :)
When there was a HUGE clap of thunder, I went in to comfort both of them.  (Henry was already asleep!)
It's been a very productive week.  Because I am going camping from Sunday to Wednesday with Henry and his scout troop, and because we are expecting our Japanese foreign exchange student next Thursday, we needed to get stuff DONE. Dave has been packing all of the camping stuff.  The kids and I have been tackling our bedrooms...want to see the results?

Evan's room
Evan's closet (I pulled out all of the clothes that don't fit or that he doesn't wear)
Another view in Evan's room (we also organized all of the kids' bulletin boards)

Henry and Seth's room
Another view in Henry and Seth's room (we pulled out all of the books that the kids don't read and are going to garage sale them)
Henry and Seth's closet
Caroline's room will be finished tomorrow.  We are making progress!
Caroline's closet
Tomorrow we'll also tackle the playroom and the master bedroom.  I told the kids that as soon as we finish all of this work, I am taking us out for ice cream!  It will definitely be well-deserved.  I am proud of how hard they worked.

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