Monday, June 11, 2012

What a weekend!

On Saturday morning, Evan had a baseball game. We all went to cheer him on, and he did great!  He had a couple of really good hits.

After the game, we packed up the car and went to spend the day with my side of the family at the lake.  The kids were all busy playing video games and reading to pass the time for the car trip.  Evan was particularly enjoying a Shel Silverstein poem book.  He can't read yet, but was getting quite a kick out of the pictures, as you can see in the following clip...

Five minutes later, no joke, Evan was fast asleep.  The baseball game and exuberant "reading" wore the boy out.  I love that he fell asleep cuddling with his book!
My parents, my sister, brother-in-law, nephew and brother all joined us at the lake to celebrate my dad's birthday!  Here's my kiddos lined up on the pier with their cousin, Robbie.
It was a day full of fun and relaxation.

Moxie had a fun day of swimming, sleeping and getting doted on by everyone.  ;)
The kids did a lot of fishing, putting their catches in the buckets you see on the pier.
Dave helped Robbie and Evan, luring the fish with bread crumbs...
and then scooping them up in the net.

The fishermen!

After a nice summer barbeque, we had birthday rhubarb pie.  The kids then posed with the birthday boy.  ;)
We finished the day with a little badminton. 
Uncle Bill and Dave showed the kids how its done!
We spent the next day with Dave's side of the family. I give this weekend two thumbs up!

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