Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Night at the Drive-In

And by "night", I really do mean night.  I took Henry, his friend, Alex, and Evan to the drive-in last Friday night, and we stayed out until 1:30 AM!! (Seth and Caroline were out of town.) I felt really guilty that I kept them out that late, but considering the fact that I don't make a regular practice of it (as in, pretty much never), it was a double feature of Brave and Madagascar 3, lots of our friends were going, and that we would be making some fun memories, I really had no other choice but to take them.  ;)

Here's Henry with some of his best buds, Ian and Alex.

Here we were, all set up with chairs, blankets, candy, popcorn and pop, all ready for the movie to begin!
Suprisingly, the boys had no trouble staying up that late.  It was me that struggled with it, lol!

By the way, we give the two movies we saw six thumbs up (two from each of us)!

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