Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We've christened our new pool passes!

It was not an especially warm day, be we didn't let that stop us from christening our new pool passes.  We had been looking forward to this day for a couple of months now, so really, there was no choice. :)
This was the first year that I felt comfortable taking the kids to the pool on my own.  I was able to watch them easily, confident that they were safe. 
Henry is a strong swimmer, so there are really no worries there, especially because he was playing with his friend, Grant, the whole time.
Seth and Caroline buddied up at the water slides when they left the main pool where I was watching them.  Evan wore a life jacket the whole time he was in the water. 
We were all able to relax and enjoy our first time at the pool this summer, and are looking forward to lots and lots of warm(er) summer days there!

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Cathy said...

Can’t go wrong on taking the kids to the pool! =D When my sister, along with my nieces and nephews, goes over my house, I let them have the pool to themselves all summer long. They prefer disturbing their favorite aunt than fall in line in a public pool place. LOL! But, I love being disturbed by them. ^__^

Cathy Newman