Friday, June 22, 2012

We miss you!

It's been kind of a strange week in that for a few days, I have two kids at home instead of four.  On Sunday, Caroline went home with my mother and father-in-law to stay with them for the week.  She and her cousin, Nadia, are going to a vacation bible school together.  Seth is at his Webelos Cub Scout camp for a few days with some friends.  For the first couple of days, Evan kept asking me, "Where's Caroline?"  I would tell him, and then ask, "Do you miss her?"  He always replied, "Yes, I do."  He did get to talk to her on the phone, and then wanted to email to her this picture that I took of him and Moxie.  Henry admitted that he missed Caroline and Seth too.

Before Seth even left for camp, a little nature came to him in the form of a couple of deer.  The boys were pretty excited that the deer were in the neighbors' front yard!

Seth got to ride to camp with one of his best friends, Matthew.
Evan was feeling a little sad, so the boys picked him up for a little squeeze!
Can't wait to see you soon, Seth and Caroline, and to hear all of your adventures!  :)

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