Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Random Picture Post

Missed me? :) Sorry I've been gone so long! It's been a whirlwind around here since last last Wednesday night. We've been out of the house with sports, activities, family fun, etc., and FINALLY I was home all day today. Feeling overwhelmed, I tried to "catch up on everything". That's code for "I walked around in circles starting but never finishing countless items on my to-do list." "Inefficiency" was the word of the day today.

So here I sit on a Tuesday night, trying to process the past few days and plan for the next few. I'm feeling kind of scattered right now, partly because of the weekend and partly because of just being exhausted. Please bear with me...this post contains random pictures with no central theme and probably less than top-notch writing. :) With that kind of a set up, don't get too excited!

Yesterday our whole family went to my father-in-law/dentist :) to have him check our teeth. We got great news. NO CAVITIES! The kids got to put their pictures on the bulliten board.

Last Wednesday night right after CCD, Seth and his friends started working on their homework right away, even amongst distractions from yournger siblings. What good boys!

When Seth was stuck on a few of the questions, Matthew and Will put Seth right in the middle and helped him.
Seth and Evan sharing a quiet Angry Bird moment together at Henry's last cross country meet.

Right before the meet, the boys got together for a cheer.

Here's Henry right at the beginning of the race...kind of a cool shot. :) He did great!

We've been working on getting the kids their Halloween costumes all set. The boys decided to be skeletons, and Caroline is going to be one of the girls from a show called Monster High. When Caroline was trying on her costume, she walked out of the changing room and ran into one of her best friends, Audrey IN THE SAME EXACT COSTUME! Well, the girls thought it was fate, and decided right then and there that this costume was THE ONE!

Moxie is not a huge fan of the costumes. She barks whenever the kids put them on.

Caroline has been decorating the house for Halloween a little at a time. Don't you just love what she did with the chandelier? :)
That's all for now...Off to bed for me. 5 AM is going to come WAY TOO EARLY tomorrow.

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Monkee said...

wow! sounds like our house! Between school, work, and sports, we are busy busy busy! Sounds like ya'll are havin fun!