Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Championship Game

Our beloved White Knights played the Black Knights in the League Championship game today. They earned their spot in the championship by beating the Bengals last week. That's our Seth in a picture that one of our friends just sent today.

Our archrivals, the Black Knights, were undefeated, and were favored to win. Our White Knights had 2 losses, one in a heartbreaker to the Black Knights. The championship game was played on a beautiful, brand-new high school football field. It was fun to see the boys play on astro-turf, while we sat in real bleachers. :)

It was MISERABLE outside. MISERABLE. As in 45 degrees, rainy and windy. YUCK! This picture shows how we watched the game. I was wearing my "George Costanza"/Michelin Man jacket, and the kids stayed huddled under blankets. Blue Blob #1 was Caroline, Blue Blob #2 was a sleeping Evan, and Blue Blob #3 was Henry. :)

The Black Knights scored 6 points in the first quarter. It was neck and neck in the 2nd and most of the third. At the end of the third quarter, our team scored 6 points to tie it up. With 28 seconds left in the fourth quarter, one of our star running backs broke off a 40 yard run, bringing it to the 11 yard line. Two plays later, we punched it in for another touchdown with 10 seconds left in the game.

It was amazing! They fought through adversity and awful weather, and look at them now! We are SO proud of our LEAGUE CHAMPIONS!

Our very soggy, cold and super-excited Seth...When we got home he ate 10 chicken nuggets, drank hot chocolate, and took a long hot shower AFTER I took his picture. :)

Keepsakes from a fantastic football season...

a team picture...

a picture of our favorite football player...

and a beautiful 1st place trophy!


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