Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fitting it all in

I have not been especially faithful to my blog this past couple of months. Truthfully, it's bothered me. I want to document everything. I want to remember everything and hold on to everything in this season in my life. I love this blog and everything I've captured here in videos, pictures and words.

Why, then, have I only blogged 6 times in this month? Why am I letting days go by without updating?

I wish that I could balance everything and do everything. But I can't, and really, no one can. I'm trying not to feel overwhelmed with what I can't get to, and trying to feel good about what I am getting done. There are a lot of good things happening right now, not everything that I would like, but I'm working at it. The kids are in a good place with school, sports and scouts, and that's the most important thing. Plus, we painted our master bedroom after living with blotchy paint-sampled walls forever, and I think I like it. :)

And to top it all off, tonight I blogged. :)

Hopefully soon I will have everything balanced so that I can fit everything in!


Mary Ellen said...

You put me to shame! I admire the fact that you and Dave have always put your family first. Those of us that are faithful to your blog are thankful for the time you put into it. What a keepsake for your children now and for all their life! You have such a knack with words, pictures and video! If there was an award for "Best Blog" you would win! I love you!


Monkee said...

I agree, Sarah! I haven't been faithful to my blog either. I need yo get better to balancing everything out again and getting back on schedule :)