Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My turn

On Friday night, Caroline had a party with her friends, and on Saturday, I went to a party with my friends! We had a Halloween party at "the hostess with the mostest" Carlene's house. (She's the pink and black cat.) (Notice how I'm a full head taller than everyone else?! That's because I was wearing super tall heels and everyone was crouching to make sure that people in the back row could be seen.)

We played a little bunco, had yummy food and laughed all night! ;)

I laugh at this picture of myself. First of all, this is the first time I have dressed up for Halloween in years. (Last year a pumpkin t-shirt was the extent of my costume.) Second, I was in a mad rush to find a suitable costume on Saturday afternoon. It was IMPOSSIBLE to find a costume that wasn't too revealing and was long enough (apparently they don't make costumes in tall sizes). After looking in two stores and trying on 5-6 costumes, I finally settled on this one because it was the only one that fit. Third, I don't even know the name of what I was. I think I was maybe some type of Goth character, which just makes me laugh because look how I am smiling and posing in this picture (not so Goth). I think that if I ever wear this costume again I should take Goth acting lessons. :) Fourth...seriously? Me, Goth? That's just funny.

Towards the end of the night, we got a little punchy, and were laughing at everything, especially when we started modeling each other's wigs.
Caroline had a sleepover on Friday night...I almost had a sleepover on Saturday night. A few factors led to me falling asleep on Carlene's couch at the end of the party;

I was so worn out from the Friday night fun.

I had one (one!) beer, and I am an extreme lightweight when it comes to drinking.

I have NEVER been known for my ability to stay up late.

I carpooled with a three other girls, and they are VERY GOOD at staying up.

At about one o'clock AM, I made my apologies, gave up the fight and curled up on the couch. My friends woke me up just a little bit later and drove me home. :) It's a good thing I'm not really a Goth, because I think I'm better suited to be a suburban mom, ha!

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Monkee said...

How fun! I haven't been to a halloween party in years! Looks like you had a good time, even if you did pass out early ;)